Adopters & Volunteering

2013 finds Greyhound Outreach in need! Since we are an all-volunteer group, we hope you can help by donating your time in one of the following ways:

Meet and Greet Attendance:Could you and your hound come and spend two hours at a M&G once or twice this year?   We are now meeting on the first Sunday of the month at Destiny USA from 11am until 3pm (1st floor near the elevators). Money raised at the M&Gs is our primary source of funding.

Volunteer Coordination: We need someone who can coordinate volunteer attendance for our monthly Meet & Greets and other occasional events. They will intake new volunteer applications. If they are not already a GO adopter, do interview and reference checks. For foster home volunteering, they will arrange home visit for approval. They will also send invitations to new volunteers to join our GO Volunteer Yahoo E-Group (online) discussions

Fund Raising Committee: Monica heads up our fundraising, but could use helpers to come up with additional ideas for fundraising.

Foster Homes: Currently we are limited to taking just one or two dogs per haul because of our lack of foster homes. This is a real need! We can place more dogs more economically if we have volunteers willing to foster. If you have a hound living in your home, you already have the skills needed to foster. The usual length of fostering is two weeks. Your foster is already spayed/neutered and up to date on shots before coming to you. We provide everything you will need to foster as well as cover any medical need that might arise while you are fostering.   You can be reimbursed for the cost of food  if necessary.

Transport Volunteers: Individuals (with any size vehicle) who can drive to pick up incoming Greyhounds. Usually we are limited to taking 1-2 dogs at a time. They are almost always from Florida hauls. We usually pick them up at exits off Rt. 81, in PA, or at the NY/PA state line. Occasionally a foster dog may need a ride to or from a local vet’s office as well. We can reimburse for gas if you are unable to donate it.

CNY Greyhound Sitters List: When we have to be away for any reason, we prefer having a Greyhound knowledgeable sitter. We have a current list, but as more adopters ask for sitters, our need is greater. Let us know via e-mail if you are interested in helping someone who needs a sitter and remember that person may be willing to help you when you need someone to look after your dog. Even if you place your name on the sitters list, you are never obligated to say yes to sitting.

Social Media Volunteer: We need someone who is familiar with and enjoys social media. They must have some talent in creative writing and have the time to post items during the course of a week. The Internet and social media serves as a huge resource to reach more adopters and volunteers. It also gives us a platform to raise awareness and generate funds. Using it we can spread the word about our events, fundraisers and post information about our available foster dogs. With permission from adopters we can also offer updates on adoptees. Social media venues include, but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Other volunteers would help to provide the connections for you to share pictures and information.

Home Visit and Placement: Wendy will train you to do home visits. The purpose of these visits is to view potential adopters with your dog to determine if a greyhound is a good fit for them. Placement is the actual adoption day.

If you have ever adopted a Greyhound from Greyhound Outreach please send us your contact information even if you think we already have it!!

With time your email/physical addresses and phone numbers may have changed.  Your greyhound may have passed on and we weren’t aware. In order for us to keep in touch, send you Greyhound Outreach updates or newsletters,  alert you about such things as food recalls or lost hounds we need to update your contact information and status of your greyhound/s. If you haven’t heard from us in a while, this is probaly the reason as many of our adopters emails are bouncing back to us.

Please email your information to


Your Name, email address, physical address, phone number, hounds name and status of hound. If your greyhound has passed on and you have a favorite picture you would like us to put on our new ” In Memorium” page on our website, please include that otherwise we will use their original picture at time of adoption.


Thank you.


GO Volunteers holding major roles currently:

Amy Mikolay –Board of Directors- FOCUS: Intake of dogs, transport, adoption and  Meet & Greet Coordinator for Northern NY

Wendy Case-Board of Directors- FOCUS: Intake of dogs, transport and adoption coordinator for Central NY

Jason Rinoldo - Board of Directors- FOCUS: Financial Director

Joe Corso- Webmaster, all things regarding our website

Jennifer Zalewski-Web Design

Jacqueline Corso-Secretary, Record Keeper

Monica Gnyp-Fundraising Coordinator

Please check the events page on our GO website to see what’s happening.

With more volunteers we will be able to help more Greyhounds in need. Please consider donating a small amount of time to help. Remember you don’t have to own a Greyhound to volunteer.  All help is appreciated

Thank you for your support!