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If you  have any questions about adopting a greyhound from Greyhound Outreach, please email:


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  1. Hello,
    I am a volunteer with Greyhound Rescue and Rehabiliation down here in the Lower Hudson Valley. Like you guys we do meet and greets at mostly pet stores like Pet Smart and such and I noticed that you guys have managed to get approval to do M&G’s at the Carousel Center Mall up near you. My question to you is how in the world did you manage such a feat. Our mall down here, The Palisades Center, also owned by Pyramid Management just like your mall, will not allow dogs inside the mall, period. They claim its due to liability and they have a strict no pet policy. I contact Pyramid Management directly and they stood by that claim.
    We are limited to doing our M&G inside a small pet boutique inside the mall since the pet store becomes the one liable. And even thats a nightmare because the mall is paranoid about the dogs even walking through the mall to get to the store but we’ve somehow managed to get them to at least let us do that much. Sadly we don’t get the exposure being inside the pet store. Its sort of out of the way and the traffic just isn’t there. We really would love to be able to set up inside the main corridors like you guys. You guys are so lucky to have such a venue for to promote the hounds. How well do you do on an average weekend with potential adopters and what are the donations like? I’d love to know who you spoke to in order to get in there. Was it the mall management or Pyramids corporate offices? I’ve made it my mission to make this happen for us and I have not given up just yet.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Adam,
    We had experienced the same problem with other malls not allowing us to bring in our greyhounds for events and meet and greets. We just happen to be in the right spot at the right time to gain the spot at our local Carousel Mall. A friend of mine that ran Greyhounds Of Central NY had gotten her leg in the door years ago. She may have been granfathered in before they made their policies stricter? I know I came acorss the same problem you have with the same mall owners not allowing the dogs at their other malls. I also see it as a testiment of her relationships with the community and how well she maintained that through the years at the mall with the dogs. Since she gave it over to us, I’ve only dealt with the PR Rep at the mall office to do the paperwork, show proof of 501c3, our insurance and all the other details of the days we commited to. Hope it lasts for a good long time for us, it IS SUCH a great location with high exposure for the dogs, adoptions and donations. We couldn’t hope for anything better!! Sorry I’m not much help. This was a gift to us….we really did nothing other then accept it from the previous group.
    Wendy Case
    Greyhound Outreach, Inc.

  3. Good evening. I would like to make a donation to Bones for the surgery this beautiful animal under went. Is there an address I can send a check to and could you tell me who it should be made out to so that it goes to Bones?

    Thank You.

  4. Tony and anyone else that prefers to donate by mailing us a check, instead of using PayPal…
    Please make all checks payable to Greyhound Outreach, Inc.
    Mail your donation to us at:
    P.O. Box 912
    Oswego, NY 13126
    Thank you for any and all donations. You are helping many more greyhounds find their forever homes. They deserve to know a comfy place to lay down in a warm home with a loving family to spoil them!!!!!
    Wendy Case
    Founder of Greyhound Outreach in 2002

  5. I am in the beginning stages of looking into getting a dog. I came across this site. I’ve seen the greyhounds in the area and have always intrigued me. Could you please let me know what kind of fees are involved in adopting the dogs? Thank you, Julie

  6. The Adoption Donation is $275.00. This helps to pay for the adopted greyhounds vetting which includes: An exam, Spay or Neuter, teeth cleaning, all shots updated, testings for worms/heart worm. Any treatments needed for worms [if positive], heartworm preventative given, flea/tick topical treatment applied and any other medical need of the dog. Our gas fees for transporting the dogs and cost for collar and leash sets are averaged into each adoption as well. The majority of our greyhounds come from Florida.

  7. Hi Wendy,

    My name is India Maisonet and ive been very interested in talking to someone about adopting a greyhound. Ive called you twice and left messages, although, im not sure you received them. I look forward to hearing from you !


  8. jim bye | April 13, 2012 at 11:09 pm |

    love the greyhounds, our daughter has a rescue greyhound (usa san jose) and he is the nicest dog i have ever met. looking forward to seeing the pups on sunday at the mall. i would like some info on fostering. its a big responsibility to adopt a dog and want to make sure we are willing to make the sacrifices to our normal routine that come with adding a member to our family

  9. Hi Wendy, I adopted Bert..he is so sweet and goofy. I think I told you that we are moving to a smaller home with a bigger backyard..with a large fenced area right off the back door……I am thinking of maybe adding a new hound to the mix. Could you tell me what the availability and wait is for a new couch tater? Maybe a really cuddle bug sweetpea? Thank you. We all love our sweet Bert.

  10. We are getting more dogs in this week and some more in two weeks but they are all spoken for. Anyone interested in adopting…please fill out our application on our website. We do home visits to approve adopters then arrange getting greyhounds with the right personality/temperment for each homes particular needs. We have a wonderful boy named Bruce right now in foster care. He is about 6-7 years old. He was not from the racing industry, no tatoo’s. He was in a shelter in southern NY. We sprung him to give him a plush foster home to wait for an appropriate home. He is a love and gets along with everything he’s come in contact with but is too interested in cats. He would do best in a home with dogs over 20 lbs and no cats or very small animals. He will be at this Sundays Meet and Greet at Carousel mall. We are on the first level, near the elevators from 11am to 3pm. Come on out and see the greyhounds.

  11. hello! we have Italian Greyhounds and just recently, our oldest Iggy went over the rainbow bridge. He was a puppy mill rescue and had a lot of health problems, and succumbed to bone cancer. we have a 10 yr old Iggy let, our love bug Bubba. was wondering it you get any Italian greyhounds in please contact me as we would be very interested and do not find many here in upstate ny. we wanted to get a rescue racing greyhound, but we have an inground pool in the middle of our yard, and were very worried with a sighhound, if they saw a squirrel would they just run and fall into the pool. we didn’t want to risk any injury to a dog! our Iggies know to run around the pool, probably because they don’t like water! thank you! Judy

  12. Judy, we primarily work with (full sized) greyhounds, as does our sister-group in Florida. Have you looked into IGCA (italian greyhound club of america)? Check them out at – They might be able to better direct you to rescue organizations in the area.

    If you change your mind on (full sized) greyhounds, let us know. There would be no problem if your in-ground pool had a fence within the yard. And it would just be a learning curve for the dog if the pool was integrated into your fenced yard.

  13. Christine Perriello

    I am looking to adopt a greyhound. I live in Solvay, NY. Near the fairgrouds. My number is 315 546 5571.

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  15. Steve Haresky

    Hi!! I was wondering if you had received my application? You can call me, my phone number is 315-488-7914, Thanks so much, Steve

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